Sheikh Rasheed says Afghan envoy’s daughter was using internet throughout her journey

RAWALPINDI: Interior Minister Sheik Rasheed Ahmed said on Tuesday that the young lady of Afghanistan’s messenger was using web all through her outing.

“According to our assessment, the event including the young lady of the Afghan ambassador isn’t an occasion of stealing,” said within serve in an inquiry and answer meeting. He furthermore lamented that Kabul should not have investigated it’s anything but a single case.

“The public position will fight the case of the young lady of the Afghan representative [but] our assessment shows that this was not a commandeering case,” said Rasheed. He added that the young woman changed taxis on numerous occasions and no man sat in any of the taxis during her outing.

Within serve believed that the Afghan emissary would end up being significant for the assessment, adding that the public power enlisted the genuine case.

“Everyone’s young ladies are same, it would have been fitting if the Afghan negotiator had not returned,” said the minister. He furthermore added that his administration has given the account related to the case to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Rasheed said that the messenger’s young lady used the web all through her trip, adding that the men reprimanded for the kidnapping were continuing on cabbies.

He said police have investigated in excess of 7 hundred hours of film of 300 cameras presented on the journeying course of the Afghan represetative’s daughter while met in excess of 200 occupants. He said that all of the four cabbies have no criminal record.

Reports of the represetative’s daughter being “took” and “tortured” surfaced on Saturday, with an attestation by the Afghan new assistance saying that the youngster was “grabbed for a couple of hours” on Friday.

The Foreign Office gave a declaration in like manner saying that a cautious test has been dispatched and law execution workplaces “are endeavoring to follow and catch the guilty parties to be managed”.

In the meanwhile, the security for the agent and his family was “increased”, according to the attestation.

Chief Imran Khan had prepared within cleric to take care of the matter inside 48 hours.

Regardless, the Afghan government checked on its emissary and senior arbitrators from Islamabad refering to security concerns.

New Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, in a telephonic discussion with his Afghan accomplice on Monday, shared the headway in the getting case and urged him to pull out the decision to audit the represetative.

Assessment completed in Dasu event

The priest moreover said that the law execution associations have completed their assessment in the Dasu scene wherein no under nine Chinese workers were killed.

The Chinese government has conveyed satisfaction over the assessment being finished by Pakistan to find the wrongdoers, Sheik Rasheed said.

“There are attempts being made to make misguided judgment among Pakistan and China,” said the minister. He added that the event was done unequivocally consequently.

On July 14, a vehicle passing on workers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Upper Kohistan dove into a crevasse “after a mechanical frustration achieving spillage of gas that caused an effect”, an attestation from the Foreign Office had said.

As shown by the attestation, Chinese subject matter experts and going with Pakistani staff “were proceeding to their workplace for a nonstop endeavor”.

The disaster achieved the downfall of 12 people, including nine Chinese nationals.

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